How to bet

Step 1: Log into Kagwirawo

You need to be logged into the Kagwirawo website before you can Bet. Registrations for new visitors is a simple process that requires your email and phone number.

Log into Kagwirawo

Step 2: Start Betting

Once logged in, you'll be able to place your bets on any of the fixtures presented. You'll have to place your bets on ATLEAST 2 games. With every bet you make, you can see it in the result slip section to the right of the fixtures.

Make a bet with Kagwirawo

Step 3: Enter your Stake

Enter your stake. Your phone number, would be listed with the your Kagwirawo account Balance. Its from this money that you add to your stake.

Step 4: Submit your Slip

After making the bets and entering your stake, you can now submit your betting slip

Step 5: Your receipt

After submitting your Betting slip in the step above, you'll be taken to view your reciept. You'll also get an SMS confirming the same.

Make a bet with Kagwirawo